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MAD lab is the laboratory of ideas of Antonella, who together with Santino has taken care of every detail giving free rein to their inspiration and having a lot of fun.

Here he devotes himself to creative sewing, using printed fabrics, his great passion and creating bags and accessories for travelers; but MAD lab is also a space open to artists and creatives, for workshops, artist residences and small events.


In this exhibition workshop, the new young artisans of Palermo exhibited their works, collaborating to make the apartment very special: lighting and objects, made mainly from the reuse of waste materials, and a selection of handmade accessories.
Canvases, prints and murals are the work of emerging Italian artists. In Terrazzino, two works by Idrami Animabili, a couple of street artists who have lived an artistic bartering experience here.


 The b&b guests like this atmosphere: they are dedicated to an exhibition of selected souvenirs, entirely handmade, to be chosen as a souvenir of travel.

You can follow the initiatives of the MAD lab online on Facebook and Instagram.

 Contact us to propose an idea, an initiative, your creation.

MAD lab is part of the circuit ALAB (Associazione Liberi Artisti e Artigiani Balarm), the largest network of creative designers in Palermo, which has about 50 exhibition laboratories, scattered throughout the historic center and beyond.